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Frequently asked questions

What is Wetaxi?

Wetaxi is a free to download app for smartphones that allows you to quickly call a taxi in all transparency and few simple steps

How does the service work?

Thanks to a direct collaboration with the Radiotaxi, Wetaxi contacts the nearest taxi for you.
Our smart technology allows you to know in advance the maximum price of the ride and save up to 50% if you choose to share the taxi with people who have the same destination.

Who can use Wetaxi?

All users who have a Wetaxi account can use the service.
The app offers the possibility of opening a business account for business travels. Wetaxi is also committed to providing an adequate service to blind passengers and those with other disabilities.

How do I request a shared taxi?

You can request the shared taxi from the app via the SHARED TAXI feature at the top right of the home (the map).
On the specific routes indicated in the same section, Wetaxi guarantes a 50% discount, even if you are the only passenger.

How can I book a taxi?

After registering with your mobile phone number, you can enter the starting point and your destination, insert or select your payment method and click on Request a taxi. You can also book it for a later time (up to a week before): in this case, add the day and time you prefer and then book the taxi in one click.

How much?

By the law, the only tool that can tell the price of a taxi ride is the taximeter, but thanks to Wetaxi you can find out the maximum cost of the ride: enter the starting point and the destination point and the app will calculate the cost right away.
If the cost indicated by the taximeter is lower than the one calculated by Wetaxi, you will be pay the lower amount of the two, whatever payment method in app you have chosen. Similarly, if the amount of the taximeter is higher, you will pay the amount calculated by the app.

How do you pay?

With Wetaxi you can use the most common payment methods.
By adding your credit card or company card, synch your Paypal account or making a credit, the payment will be made directly through the app. At the time you request a taxi, we will only a make pre-authorization of the charge (not a payment yet), the actual payment only takes place at the end of the ride, when it is completed.
If you prefer to use cash, you can pay on board.

Can I pay in cash?

Of course, but the maximum rate is guaranteed only if you pay via the app

Posso pagare in contanti?

Certo, anche pagando in contanti la tariffa sarà quella riportata dall’app al momento della prenotazione.

Can I delete the taxi request?

Yes, you can delete the taxi request for free if the taxi driver has not yet departed to your pick up point. In case the taxi driver had already left the car park to pick you up, you can interrupt the ride, but in this case you will be charged for the call.
When you delete a ride, even if you have already received a message from the bank or from your payment system, the amount will not be deducted.

Can I give feedback to the Wetaxi service and to the taxi driver?

Sure, and it is very important for us to know your opinion on our service so we can continue improving. At the end of the ride, you can rate 1 to 5 stars your taxi driver courtesy, punctuality and communication. If you want to rate your experience with our app, you can go to the Play store or the App store or contact us with feedbacks.

What do I do if the taxi does not show up?

You can call the Radiotaxi partner at the number indicated on the app: you will find it in the section from which you manage the active ride.

Who do I contact if I forget something in the taxi?

You can use the REPORT PROBLEM tool on the screen at the end of the ride or by accessing the menu in the History section, where you can find all the details of the trips made.

How far in advance can I book a taxi?

The taxi can be booked up to a week before the desired ride. Bookings are not a guarantee of service though.

Scan the QR code and download the Wetaxi app
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  • Download the Wetaxi app

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