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How does Wetaxi work

  • Download the App from Apple Store or Google Play
  • Connect your profile to your mobile phone number
  • Choose a payment method
  • Select your destination
  • Check the fixed price. Guaranteed
  • Call the taxi

Taxi journeys with fixed price

By selecting the departure and destination you’ll be able to know your fare in advance. The price guaranteed by Wetaxi is the maximum amount you’ll pay at the end of the journey for the service provided; in any case you’ll always pay the lowest fare between the one showed in advance and the one showed by the taximeter.


Share taxis with up to 50% of savings

For certain directions, for example to the airport, Wetaxi allows you to share your trip with users who are doing similar routes.
If you’re booking a shared taxi and sharing doesn’t occur, 50% of discount is guaranteed by Wetaxi.


Save money and the environment.

Wetaxi business

Wetaxi is the perfect solution for corporates and professionals.

By activating a business profile, it allows you to choose the preferred payment method of your company and to receive automatically via email all the receipts of your business journeys, simplifying the usage and the related accounting.


Wetaxi drives back home tonight

The Wetaxi credit is the perfect way to secure your children a safe way back home. At any time of the day or night you can rely on an expert and trusty driver.


After recharging your account, the credit will be available to pay taxis booked via Wetaxi.

Ti serve un taxi in questo momento?Prenotalo con Wetaxi WEB

Wetaxi and taxis

Our clear mission: to provide the taxi associations fundamental innovation to face the competition of strong and aggressive players: the champions of the sharing economy plus multinational corporates of the mobility sector.


Answers to frequently asked questions

What is Wetaxi?

Wetaxi is a free smartphone application that allows you to call a taxi quickly and transparently via simple steps.

How does the service work?

Wetaxi takes care of contacting the nearest taxi for you, collaborating directly with the city’s companies.
Our smart technology allows you to know in advance the maximum price of the ride and save up to 50% if you choose to share the taxi with people who have your same destination.

Who can use Wetaxi?

All users who have a Wetaxi account can use the service.
The app offers the possibility of opening a business account for corporate travel and is committed to providing an adequate service to blind and motor impaired passengers.

How do I request a shared taxi?

You can request a shared taxi directly from the application through the TAXI SHARE function at the top right of the home (ie from the map).
For the routes that can be shared, the price of the ride is guaranteed with a 50% discount, even if you were the only passenger.

How can I book a taxi?

After registering, you can enter the starting point and destination to be reached, indicate the payment method and click on Request a taxi. You can also book it for a later time (up to a week before): in this case, add the day and time you prefer and then book the taxi directly with a click.

How much does it cost?

The only tool that can tell the price of a taxi ride is the taximeter, but thanks to Wetaxi you will know the maximum cost of the ride: enter the starting point and destination and the application will calculate the cost immediately.
If the cost indicated by the taximeter is lower than that calculated by Wetaxi, you will be charged the lower amount of the two, with the payment method you have chosen. In the same way, if the amount of the taximeter is higher, you will pay what is calculated by the application.

How do I pay?

With Wetaxi you can use the most common payment methods.
By adding your credit or company card, synchronizing your Paypal account or making a credit, payment will be made directly via app. At the time you request the taxi, only a pre-authorization of the debit will be made, the actual payment will be made only at the end of the journey.
If you prefer to use cash, you can pay on board the taxi.

Can I pay in cash?

Of course, even paying with cash the rate will be the one reported by the app at the time of booking.

Can I cancel the taxi request?

Yes, you can cancel the taxi request for free if the taxi driver has not left yet. In the event that the taxi driver has already left the parking lot to pick you up, you can interrupt the trip, but in this case you will be charged for the call.
When you cancel a ride, even if you have already received a message from the bank or from your payment system, the amount will not be deducted.

Can I rate Wetaxi service and the taxi driver?

It is important for us to know your opinion on the service we have offered you to keep improving. At the end of the trip, you can evaluate the taxi driver with whom you have traveled and indicate a rating from 1 to 5 stars for courtesy, punctuality and communication. Instead, to evaluate your experience with our app, you can go to the Play store or App store.

What do I do if the taxi does not show up?

You can call the switchboard at the number indicated on the app: you will find it in the section from which you manage the active run.

Who do I contact if I forget something on the taxi?

Use the REPORT A PROBLEM tool that you find on the screen at the end of the run or by accessing the menu in the History section, where you can find all the details of the trips made.

How far in advance can I book a taxi?

The taxi can be booked up to a week before the desired travel time.

Download the Wetaxi App!