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The transparent, simple and innovative taxi.

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Guaranteed fare, for carefree travel

  • Enter your destination and know in advance the maximum price of your ride
  • At the end of the ride, you will always pay the lower value between that calculated by the app and that indicated by the taximeter.

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Add company profile and receive the electronic invoice

If you have a VAT number or are employed by a company, you can conveniently keep track of your business trips with Wetaxi.

Enter a company billing profile and connect a dedicated payment method: you can easily separate your personal rides from your business ones.

Each month you will receive a monthly statement and an electronic invoice for the rides you make for your company.

Wetaxi Wallet

Do the kids come home late at night? Does mum have a doctor’s appointment? A friend doesn’t know how to get home?
There’s Wetaxi Credit!
The fastest way to travel by taxi without cards or cash.

At any time of the day or night, you guarantee them safety and convenience when getting around by taxi. Select the amount you want, the credit will be associated to the account you indicate.

We value your friendships: receive 5€ for every friend you invite

per ogni amico

che inviti

  • Go to the “Earn Credit” section within the Wetaxi app.
  • Send the invitation to your contacts, choosing the channel you prefer.
  • Monitor how many friends have registered.
  • Earn 5€ credit when your friends make their first ride.
Scan the QR code and download the Wetaxi app
  • Scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera
  • Open the link to be redirected to your store (Google Play Store / App Store / AppGallery)
  • Download the Wetaxi app

Buy credit

Move around the cit y without credit card or cash

Recharge value

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Telephone number

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Email address
Send an SMS to the number you are recharging

Thank you for purchasing a voucher with Wetaxi

Download the app, log in with the phone number entered during the purchase and book your taxi.