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Our mission is to develop a digital platform

that makes it easier, shared and

sustainable to move and live our cities.

Our mission is to develop

a digital platform that

makes it easier, shared and

sustainable to move and

live our cities.

Our mission is to

develop a digital

platform that makes

it easier, shared

and sustainable to

e sostenibile

move and live

our cities.

The world in which we live and move is full of opportunities to do things in a new way: new models, new digital products and new ways of accessing services.

We believe that the balance between business, people and technology is the key to build a more collaborative, sustainable and transparent world.

Wetaxi, la startup partner dei radiotaxi italiani che porta innovazione e trasparenza
The choice to create continuity with an industry that wants to grow and improve, joins the values ​​that guide our work:


We share, collaborate and we are at the side of our partners


We act in respect of people, work and environment


We are curious and looking for excellence every day


We react to complex problems with effective solutions


We are positive and we work to build a better future


Established in 2015 as a spin-off of the Turin Polytechnic and thanks to the collaboration with TaxiTorino, Wetaxi was the first application in Europe to introduce shared taxis in real time, and the first to bring the transparency of the maximum guaranteed rate in Italy.

We get our faces outthere

A motivated and dynamic team: we work alongside the historical Radiotaxi
to provide an innovative and beneficial service to customers.


Massimiliano Curto

Massimiliano is an engineer with a great passion for transport: he spent two years at Ferrari, worked as a consultant and entrepreneur in the field of urban mobility. At his second startup, today he is the CEO of Wetaxi.


Luca Gobbato

Luca received his doctorate in computer science in 2015 working on optimization algorithms for the mobility of goods and people. His passions for technology, software development and shared mobility have flowed into Wetaxi, where he is the CTO.

ignazio wetaxi

Ignazio Chiappone

Ignazio got his Master's Degree in Computer Engineering in 2014. Passionate about innovation, technology and the sharing economy, he started a collaboration in the university and then in the banking sector. He is part of the Wetaxi team as a Product Manager and Backend Developer.


Angelo Sandron

Angelo is a web designer. After several experiences in communication agencies and consulting companies, he founded Pangramma (pangramma.it) where he is the Digital Art Director and web designer. Always looking for the best way to simplify the user experience, Angelo is responsible for Design.


Valentina Basso

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and subsequently specialized as a Designer in the digital field for Reply and Telecom Italia Lab. She teaches Mobile Application Design at the IAAD. In Wetaxi she a UX/UI designer.


Mariacristina Zeolla

Mariacristina graduated in 2009 in Foreign Languages and Literatures, at the end of her studies she gained strong working experience inin the administrative field of many Service Companies, in 2015 she joined the Wetaxi team as Administration Manager.


Debora Mocci

Debora graduated in Occupational Psychology. Then, she obtained the qualification and enrollment in the professional register of Psychologists. After a first experience in head hunting, she worked for eight years as HR Consultant for ict, digital & engineering customers. He joined Wetaxi in 2019 and his greatest passion is to identify and grow new talent.


Paolo Sala

After graduating in engineering, Paolo specialized and became passionate about methods and processes for systematic innovation, thanks to the experiences made in different Industrial Companies. Curious and open to the what's new, he joined the Wetaxi team as Biz. Dev.


Giulia Martinengo

Giulia has a degree in communication and she loves writing and travelling. Since 2016, these passions have led her to start a travel blog. Now she is in the Wetaxi team as a social media manager.


Simone Ardengo

Simone studied Aerospace Engineering, but when he discovered IoT and falls in love with System integration. He continuously explores new solutions and technologies to improve services. His cross-functional skills and capacities bring him to Wetaxi, where he is a Backend Developer.


Edoardo Suppo

Edoardo obtained his diploma as an electronic expert in 2016. In the same year he founded a digital studio and started working at Reply as a web developer in the retail sector. In 2018 he joined Wetaxi as a full-stack developer.


Giacomo Grangia

Giacomo graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin in 2015. After spending a year and a half in Singapore as R&D and two years in Reply as cloud consultant, he joined Wetaxi in 2019 as IT Architect.


Davide Canavesio

Davide, born 1971, holds a degree in economics at University of Turin, a master's degree at Harvard, and extensive experinece working for large international companies. In 2006 he steps on board of the family business, SAET, making it become a pocket multinational. He has held positions in Confindustria, TNE, Environment Park and Nexto. To date, Professor of Corporate Finance and entrepreneur.


Nash Advisory

Nash Advisory is an independent consulting company with offices in Turin, Milan and London. Since 2011 it has assisted his clients, mainly Italian SMEs, in extraordinary finance projects such as M&A, Corporate Finance and Interim Management.

mirko de feo

Mirko De Fe

Mirko, esperto del settore digital e mobilità urbana. Negli ultimi anni, tra Milano e Berlino, ha lavorato per Free2Move - importante aggregatore dei servizi di mobilità urbana del gruppo PSA.


Marco Corti

Marco è uno UX/UI Designer con l’ambizione di aiutare le persone costruendo prodotti digitali utili. Ha studiato per essere un Art Director, ma si è sempre divertito a dar vita ai suoi design spendendo metà della sua carriera come sviluppatore. Ha una forte esperienza nel design di app native e crede profondamente nell’accessibilità.


Ezio Spessa

Ezio è Professore al Politecnico di Torino e responsabile di numerosi progetti finanziati a livello nazionale ed Europeo e finalizzati allo studio di soluzioni innovative per i trasporti terrestri.


Pietro Bonada

Pietro, una grande passione per la ricerca creativa. Dopo le esperienze in Armando Testa e in Fiat ha fondato un’agenzia social e, nel 2017, un’agenzia digitale, molto attenta alle dinamiche ``fisiche`` e territoriali.


Nash Advisory

Nash Advisory è una società di consulenza indipendente con uffici a Torino, Milano e Londra. Dal 2011 assiste i propri clienti, principalmente PMI italiane, in progetti di finanza straordinaria quali operazioni M&A, Corporate Finance e Interim Management.


Alessandro Longo

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Investors who believe in the Wetaxi's model

Wetaxi’s growth is supported by partners who are on our side through in this ambitious journey of intelligent mobility and technological innovation. To date, these include Wetrust S.s., We Invest S.r.l., Simon Fiduciaria S.p.a. and Grimmer S.s. (of RSM Studio Palea of ​​Turin).

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