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Taxi made transparent, easy and innovative.

With Wetaxi no suprise

price. Guaranteed.

  • Enter the destination and know in advance the maximum rate of you ride.
  • After the ride, you will always pay the lower value between the one calculated by the app and the one indicated by the taximeter.

How Wetaxi works:

We value your

friendships: get 5€

for each friend you invite

for each friend

you invite

For each friend you invite and who sign up to Wetaxi, you will both receive 5€ free credit.

  • Go to the “Invite friend” asection in the app.
  • Send the invitation to your contacts, choosing the channel you prefer.
  • Monitor how many friends have registered.
  • Earn 5€ credit when your friends make their first ride.
condividi il taxi 50%

Share your taxi and

save up to 50%

on your ride

Choose the shared taxi and travel with other users on a similar route to yours: you can save up to 50% and save CO2, the environment will be thankful.

In the “Share your taxi” section, you can find the list of all the routes you can share.

Taxi made transparent, easy and innovative.

Recharge the credit

for whoever you want

Recharge the credit

for whoever you want

Wetaxi credit is a perfect gift for your kids, friends or colleagues: help them to move around the city without cash or credit card.

At any time of the day and night, guarantee their safety and the convenience of moving by taxi.
Select the desired amount, the credit will be associated with the account you indicated.

profilo wetaxi

Add a business profile

and receive the

electronic invoice

If you have a VAT number or you are an employee, with Wetaxi you can easily keep track of your business rides.

Enter a company billing profile and link a dedicated payment method: you can easily split your personal and business rides.

Every month, you will receive a statement and the electronic invoice for the trips made for your work.

Scan the QR code and download the Wetaxi app
  • Scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera
  • Open the link to be redirected to your store (Google Play Store / App Store / AppGallery)
  • Download the Wetaxi app

Buy credit

Move around the cit y without credit card or cash

Recharge value

Account to recharge

Telephone number

Your personal datails

Email address
Send an SMS to the number you are recharging

Thank you for purchasing a voucher with Wetaxi

Download the app, log in with the phone number entered during the purchase and book your taxi.