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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Wetaxi, a spinoff of the university of Turin

A team specialised in creating digital solutions to improve, simplify and update the current paradigms of mobility.

Wetaxi was developed in an open and collaborative environment, one of the main reasons of the support from the taxi companies of the city of Turin


Our team put its face


Massimiliano Curto

Massimiano is an engineer with great passion for transportation: he has been working for Ferrari for two years, later on as a consultant and entrepreneur in the mobility sector. After a first startup, today he’s the CEO of Wetaxi.


Luca Gobbato

Luca achieved in 2015 his PHd in information technologies, working on algorithms for the optimization of transportation of goods and persons. His passions for technologies, software development and shared mobility led him to Wetaxi, were today is the CTO.


Ignazio Chiappone

Ignazio graduated in IT in 2014. Passionate about innovation, technologies and sharing economies, he starts working collaborating with universities and banks. He0s now Backend Developer in Wetaxi.


Angelo Sandron

Angelo is a web designer, after several experiences in communication agencies and consulting firms, he founded Pangramma (pangramma.it) where he is Digital Art Director and web designer. Always looking for the best way to simplify the user experience, Angelo is responsible for Design.


Mariacristina Zeolla

Mariacristina graduated in 2009 in Foreign Languages and Literatures, at the end of her studies she continued her work experience in companies in the tertiary sector in the administrative field, in 2015 she joined the Wetaxi team.


Pietro Bonada

Pietro, a great passion for creative research. After the experiences in Armando Testa and in Fiat he founded a social agency and, in 2017, a digital agency, very attentive to the ``physical`` and territorial dynamics.


Massimo Baldrighi

Massimo achieves his master degree in Classical Literature in 2013. After a year he immerses himself in Java and Android and his world changes. In 2015 he joined the Wetaxi team. Since then he works in Wetaxi as Android Developer.


Edoardo Fadda

Edoardo graduated in Mathematical Engineering in 2014 and a doctorate in computer science in 2018. His main interests are optimization under conditions of uncertainty, machine learning and its applications. These skills become key in the development of the Wetaxi service.


Mehrdad Allahkarami

Mehrdad is a software engineer and Mobile Developer. He previously has worked for many years in telecommunication area in payment methods with mobile, Cloud Computing in Mobile, and has founded Metao Cloud Studio before joining the Wetaxi, with improvements on total computing, purchases performances and mobile security.


Paolo Sala

After his graduation in engineering, Paolo specializes and passionate himself about methods and processes for systematic innovation, thanks to his experiences in various industrial sectors. Curious and open-minded, he joins the Wetaxi team as Biz. Dev.


Simone Ardengo

Simone, studia Ing. Aerospaziale, scopre l’ IoT e si appassiona per la System integration. Esplora continuamente nuove soluzioni e tecnologie per migliorare i servizi. Le competenze trasversali acquisite non solo informatiche lo portano ad entrare in Wetaxi come Backend Developer.


Giulia Martinengo

Giulia has a degree in communication and is a lover of writing and travel. Since 2016, these passions have led her to open a travel blog. She has now joined the Wetaxi team as social media manager.


Linda Carretta

Linda is a communication student interested in the world of urban mobility. The passion for smart mobility solutions and social networks brought her to meet Wetaxi, joining the marketing and communication team.


Ezio Spessa

Ezio is a Professor at the Polytechnic of Turin and is responsible for numerous projects funded at national and European level and aimed at the study of innovative solutions for land transportion.


Davide Canavesio

Davide, born in 1971, obtains a degree in economics in Turin and a master's degree in Harvard, he works for large international companies.<br /> In 2006 he returned to take care of the family business, the SAET, making it a pocket multinational. He has held positions in Confindustria, TNE, Environment Park and Nexto. As of today, Professor of Corporate Finance and entrepreneur.


Nash Advisory

Nash Advisory is an independent consulting firm with offices in Turin, Milan and London. Since 2011 he has been assisting clients, mainly Italian SMEs, in extraordinary finance projects such as M & A, Corporate Finance and Interim Management.

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